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Jonah Sermon Series at Eastwood

Jonah ...

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2 Timothy Sermon Series at Eastwood

Today we live in a time where the gospel is under unrelenting attack from a culture hell bent on demolishing the foundation upon which western civilization was built. Churches in many places have capitulated, some accommodating the cultural wind and abandoned the pattern of teaching handed down to us in the NT, while others have lost heart. The future prospect of the churc...

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The Lord Redeems - The Book of Ruth

Set in the days of the Judges, the book of Ruth is one of the most beautiful short stories ever written. Unlike the book of Judges, with its stories of great charismatic leaders and their extraordinary deeds, Ruth gives us another side to life in those days where simple faith in God’s providence is commended and where God works with his invisible hands in bringing the ma...

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Deuteronomy Sermon Series at Eastwood

The book of Deuteronomy deals with many of the key themes that the rest of the bible takes up. The OT prophets relied on the theological insights of this book in their words to Israel and Judah. ...

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Introduction to the Exodus Sermon Series

Exodus Of all the key events in the OT, perhaps none are more central than God’s redemption of his people from Egypt. The events described in Exodus shape the rest of the OT the way the redemption work of Jesus shapes the New. The most important lessons in this series have to do with the identity and character of the God who rescued his people from slavery in fulf...

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