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Christ for all of Life - Sermon Series at Homebush Bay

Abraham Kuyper, a renowned Duth Reformed once said 'There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ (who is sovereign over) all does not cry 'Mine!'. If this is true, then knowing Jesus changes every aspect and sphere of our lives. What does knowing Jesus have to do with the way we use our money, or conduct relationships, or go about...

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Esther - Sermon Series at Homebush Bay

There are many times in the lives of God’s people when we are tempted to ask if he is still watching, if he cares and if he is powerful to act. These were the questions in the minds of the Jews after their city was destroyed and they were taken into exile in Babylon. The book of Esther is the story of those left behind after the exile, facing certain destruction and d...

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Reaching Out - Homebush Bay Sermon Series

After spending the last four months getting to know Jesus through the book of Mark, we'll be looking at how we can make him known to others. Join us at Cornerstone Homebush Bay over the next three weeks to learn the how, what and why of the Great Commission!...

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Who Do You Say That I Am

In life and over the years we end up knowing lots of things - We know lots about people, we know lots about ourselves. But there's nothing more important than to know Jesus Christ. His impact on world history and the lives of untold billions is staggering. His life has been the most examined, his death the most publicly known, his resurrection most marvellously witnessed. ...

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Advent - Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room

In these few weeks we enter into what's commonly called Advent on the Christian calendar. Throughout the centuries, Christians from around the world have used this time to contemplate, ponder and marvel at what the meaning and the message of Christmas is all about. Although Advent itself isn't in the Bible, it is a rich and useful tradition that we give pause to the busyne...

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Turning Points

Even though the Bible is a collection of 66 books, it is in fact one Book with one unifying story. Over the next seven weeks, Pastor Dan will take a selection of the key turning points of the Bible's story to reveal God's grand plan of bringing glory to Himself and how we fit into His story. This series will be ideal for you to bring a friend who wants to grasp the bigger ...

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Nehemiah Sermon Series at Homebush Bay

The Book of Nehemiah is the story and the memoirs of a man who sought to rebuild the city of God according to His promises. It’s a vivid account of the way God worked in His people Israel, to establish themselves again in their holy city, Jerusalem....

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