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1 Timothy Sermon Series - Strathfield

Paul’s first letter to Timothy provides a wonderful blueprint of how the church of God should function and work. The instructions given to Timothy continue to remain relevant today in guiding us in our worship and how we live. Join us at Cornerstone Strathfield as we look at Putting God’s House in Order....

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Nehemial Sermon Series - Strathfield

Be prepared for Battle: Stay focused and committed to the Spiritual Building Project at hand...

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Micah - Sermon Series Strathfield

“More often than not those who claim to be believers don’t reflect His image but are more like the rotting skull pictured below - full of corruption, greed and violence. What does God think of His church when we fail to reflect His character and truth to the world? How will He respond when He sees His prophets motivated only by “profit”? The book of Micah is a time...

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Prayer Sermon Series at Strathfield

“It is impossible to be a Christian and not pray. Prayer is simply the expression of relationship with the One who lovingly saved us from our sins. What should we ask God for when we pray? What pitfalls should we avoid? But most of all, how can we grow in our prayer lives. This series looks at three big prayers in the Bible - two from Jesus and one from Paul - to encoura...

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Acts Sermon Series - Strathfield

The book of Acts is commonly referred to as the "Acts of the apostles" with the emphasis been on the extraordinary things that the apostles themselves achieved. While not wanting to deny this, as we make our way through the book it is my hope that we will see it first and fore-mostly as the acts of the risen and ascended Lord Jesus working through His people. This is becau...

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