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2 Corinthians Series at Eastwood

2 Corinthians.JPG

‘The glory of God through our weakness’


2 Corinthians is full of Paul’s broken hearted pathos as he defends his apostleship against impressive imposters.

In this letter we learn the truth that God’s glory and strength are revealed most magnificently, not when we are most charismatic and impressive to a fawning crowd, but when we are clinging helplessly on him in weakness.

We live at a time where personal image is everything, instagram defines a person and churches have bought into the celebrity culture. This letter is startlingly contemporary and confronting.

Most of all, this letter preaches the gospel of a Saviour who made himself utterly poor and weak in order to make those of us who are nothing to be everything in him. This series will attempt to apply all these major themes into our lives and how to confront the deceptive cult of self image that the world throws at us today.