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Pastoral Blog Posts

Acts Sermon Series - Strathfield

The book of Acts is commonly referred to as the "Acts of the apostles" with the emphasis been on the extraordinary things that the apostles themselves achieved. While not wanting to deny this, as we make our way through the book it is my hope that we will see it first and fore-mostly as the acts of the risen and ascended Lord Jesus working through His people. This is because Jesus is still at work from heaven building His church here on earth through His people.

Significantly, the book of Acts opens with these words, "In my former book, Theophilus, I wrote about all that Jesus began to do and teach..." It seems obvious then that Jesus is continuing to do and to teach, not directly anymore as He did in His incarnation, but as the one who is seated upon God's throne ruling over the entire universe.

That's what we really need to hear and be reminded of as we read the book of Acts. Jesus is at work in and through His people. He is not only interested, but actively engaged and even initiating the good works that we are doing...

Mark Powell