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Pastoral Blog Posts

Creeds and Conduct in the Household of God

1 Timothy

Steve will start a new series at Concord this week based on 1 Timothy. The series is called “Creeds and Conduct in the Household of God.” The emphasis is upon the reality that the church is the Household of God. That means He is the Master of the house.

Paul is in prison (Rome) at the end of his third missionary journey. Before his incarceration, he planted some churches including the church at Ephesus, (Acts 20). He left his disciple Timothy in Ephesus to combat false teachers (1.3-4) and to establish a true creed for faith, (Note the number of creeds in 1 Timothy). Timothy is also to set godly governance in the church (3.1-12). This is for promoting the good order and functioning of the church of God. Paul also commands Timothy to ensure that the conduct of the church is consistent with what it means to be the ‘Household of God’ (3.14-15). Timothy also needs to watch his own life and creed so that he might save himself and his hearers.
The Challenge: As the LORD Jesus speaks to us through his Word in 1 Timothy, we will find some teachings that will be difficult to understand and accept. We will be tempted to water down the truth about God and attempt to distort the teaching about God and His household to make it more palatable for ourselves. We must resit this temptation and trust that God is smarter, better and more powerful that we are. May the LORD so work in us all that we will indeed watch our conduct and creeds so that we may live consistently as the household of God.