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One Another Semon Series - Concord

DOA at Feb 08 17-26-53

What is discipleship?

Al Stewart best describes the activity of discipleship this way, prayerfully and faithfully building people up until they are mature followers of the Lord Jesus (Col 1:28). Discipling is moving people forward in their knowledge of God; in their commitment to Christ; and in their commitment to serving others”. In this regard, true discipleship and disciple-making must rightly be understood as a process not a program.



Over the next six week, Cornerstone Concord will be looking at what it means for the church to ‘make disciples’ (Matthew 28.18-20). In particular we will be scanning the New Testament for the passages that encourage the church to grow one another in Christ. The goal of this series to shape the way in which Concord sees church and personal spiritual growth. The two are inextricably linked. The series is called “Discipling One another in Christ.”